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Face (top lip, Chin, Cheeks, Neck) From £3.00
Eyebrows £4.00
Arms £10.00
Under Arms £6.00
Bikini From £8.00
Full Leg £18.00
Half leg £12.00
¾ leg (Half leg and part of thigh) £14.00
Full Leg and Bikini £24.00
Full Leg Bikini and Underarm £28.00
Half leg Bikini and Underarm £22.00
Half leg and Bikini £17.00
Half leg and Underarm £16.00
* Please ask for details

Where to find me


Sugaring Hair Removal & Ultimate Facial Toning

6 Cambridge Close
Stockton Heath
Cheshire, WA46SF

telephone: 07761 153083


Feel free to use the contact form below to send me a quick message!

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